The Ultimate Tarantino Connection

Quentin Tarantino movies are well known for the soundtracks, and he has a reputation for obsessing over how music fits in and adds to his movies. Now, whenever listeners hear those songs they heavily associate them with their particular scene in the movie. Released in 1997, The Ultimate Tarantino Connection is a compilation of the best music from the Tarantino movies released up unill then. There are tracks from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk till Dawn, True Romance and Natural Born Killers. As well as this, there are a couple of interviews with Tarantino, where he gives insight into the importance of movie soundtracks and how he selects the music to go into his films. Unlike his dedicated movie soundtrack cds, like the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, the Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack and the Jackie Brown Soundtrack, the Ultimate Tarantino Connection does not contain any of the dialogue from the movies. However, it does contain a great collection of movies, and is a great reflection of the key tracks from those movies.

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If you are going to select one album as your Tarantino Film soundtrack fix, then you can’t go wrong with The Ultimate Tarantino Connection. However, it suffers from its early release. There are Tarantino Movies, then there are Tarantino Movies, and this compilation doesn’t necessarily reflect that. For most people, Tarantino films are the ones he both writes and directs, such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, the Kill Bills, etc. The Tarantino Connection takes songs from quintessential Tarantino movies Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. However, it also takes music from From Dusk till Dawn, True Romance and Natural Born Killers, none of which Quentin Tarantino directed but either wrote or adapted for the screen. They’re all great movies, but you won’t get the same connections from the songs in them like you will with ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ or Miserlou. So if you are going to just get one album, then go for this one, but as a Tarantino soundtrack fan, I would much rather go for the movie’s specific soundtrack.

You can find out more about those soundtracks here:
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The Ultimate Tarantino Connection Tracklist:
1. Interview with Quentin Tarantino
2. Miserlou by Dick Dale … Movie: Pulp Fiction
3. Dark Night by The Blasters… Movie: From Dusk Till Dawn
4. Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection … Movie: Reservoir Dogs
5. Graceland by Charlie Sexton … Movie: True Romance
6. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill … Movie: Pulp Fiction
7. Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen … Movie: Natural Born Killers
8. Little Bitty Tear by Burl Ives … Movie: True Romance
9. Interview with Quentin Tarantino
10. Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel … Movie: Reservoir Dogs
11. You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry … Movie: Pulp Fiction
12. Love Is The Tender Trap by Robert Palmer … Movie: True Romance
13. Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies … Movie: Natural Born Killers
14. Harvest Moon by Bedlam … Movie: Reservoir Dogs
15. Foolish Heart by The Mavericks … Movie: From Dusk Till Dawn
16. Vertigogo [Closing Credits] by Combustible Edison … Movie: Four Rooms

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