April 2, 2011

Machete DVD and Blu-Ray Review: Machete Don’t Text!


Machete on DVD, Blu-Ray or video on demand

Machete Review

Continuing from Quentin Tarantino’s and Robert Rodriguez’s 2007’s Grindhouse, Machete (2010) is the feature-length movie promised in the fake trailer. In Grindhouse Tarantino directed Death Proof and Rodriguez directed Planet Terror. Machete is co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis and written by Robert Rodriguez and Álvaro Rodriguez. While Machete continues the bloodily comical spirit of Planet Terror, it is more of a standalone movie in its own right, with a surprisingly complex, if ridiculous, plot.

It stars movie veteran Danny Trejo, finally getting a starring role of his own. The supporting cast features actors more accustomed to starring in their own films such as Robert DeNiro, Steven Segal and Jessica Alba as well as familiar faces Don Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan.

If ever a movie delivered on what is says on the box, Machete does it. It’s cartoonishly violent and bloody, contains nudity, one liners and an outrageous plot. If that appeals, then you’ll love Machete. It’s a fun B movie and probably delivers even more of a homage exploitation grindhouse films than Tarantino’s and Rodriguez’s original double feature.

If you liked Planet Terror then Machete is a must watch. Also, if you enjoy action B-movies, particularly starring Steven Segal and other action icons from the eighties, then you’ll find Machete a lot of fun. Grab the Machete DVD, Blu-Ray or download Machete so you can watch it with friends. It’s the perfect movie to laugh and talk through without missing out on plot points.

Machete Trailer:

Machete Fake Trailer from Grindhouse:

Here’s the trailer that inspired it all

Machete Blu-Ray and DVD:

Machete was released on Blu-Ray and DVD on January 4, 2011. This edition contains the widescreen theatrical version as well as special features including an audience reaction track and deleted scenes. The deleted scenes are a lot of fun but it’s a little disappointing that the original fake Machete trailer from Grindhouse is not on the DVD or Blu-Ray.



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